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The Anarchist Radio Berlin

Anarchist Radio Berlin is a Berlin-based collective of radiomakers that has been working since 2009/2012. We produce a monthly podcast in German as well as a lot of other audios in German, English and Spanish that are available for anarchist and free radios everywhere. We try to connect struggles from around the world and support new projects with recording equipment. As a political collective we are also part of the Federation of German-speaking Anarchists (FdA-IFA) and the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA).

Ⓐ-Radio Networking

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we are part of an International Network of Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Projects. You’ll find more information on this network here.

An important part of the networks practice is the monthly Podcast Bad News. This show in English language contains audios from participating radio projects all over the world. Listen in to get news from an anarchist perspective. You’ll find all parts so far here.

Also we are part of the Channel Zero Podcast Network. That’s an alliance of different anarchist English language podcasts, providing a 24/7 radio stream with anarchist radio shows non-stop.

Getting involved with A-Radio Berlin

If you want to join or help us out with audios or translations, you can reach us by e-mail or via twitter:

Email: PGP: Download
Twitter: @aradio_berlin