The common struggle for the good life in times of crisis

Dear Friends and Comrades!
Everything is expensive and capitalism is super annoying in everyday life. On Saturday, the 5th of November 2022, as (A)radio Berlin we are organizing a little event to swap ideas against inflation and in favour of the common struggle for the good life. This will take place from 4 pm to 6/7 pm at New York Bethanien. There will be two short inputs about topics such as why do we have inflation right now, what’s that gotta do with capitalism in general and what unhelpful narratives the state pushes. Afterwards we’ll discuss, how we as a movement are reacting to this at the moment and how we can and want to continue to react.
The aim of the event is to outline together possible fields of anarchist action for us. Particularly as (A)Radio we want to contribute to that enterprise with different Audios in the next months and cherish your your ideas, your practical experience and your questions.
Step by and bring interested confidants!
Class war and love!
Yours, (A)Radio