Bad News: Episode #69

Bad News: Episode #69

Welcome to 69th edition of BAD NEWS, Angry Voices from Around the World, which is a monthly news program produced by international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

This month we have contributions from three radio projects:

On the first moment of our show, Črna luknja from Ljubljana has been speaking with a comrade who is currently based in Chiapas and is engaged in different efforts in solidarity with the Zapatista struggle. The conversation starts with news about the recent paramilitary attack on za Zapatista community Moises and Gandhi and then continues with more background about the paramilitary forces involved and about the recent dynamics in Chiapas.

On our second block, A-Radio Berlin brings us news from the territory dominated by the state of Turkey:
On 28 of May, demonstrations of Erdogan fans, including Turkish fascists, celebrated his narrow victory at the presidential elections. We were not very happy that he would still be in power in Turkey. A-Radio Berlin talked with a comrade about the situation in the country, what follows after this election, what would have been the alternative and what this all means for suppressed communities and revolutionaries.

On our final block, The Final Straw Radio from so-called Asheville, North Carolina in the USA is sharing part of an interview with Matthew Scott, a journalist with ACPC in Atlanta to talk about recent developments with the struggle against Cop City, the building of a giant police training facility with a simulated cityscape for urban counter insurgency training for law enforcement from around the USA & around the world in a forest in Atlanta, Georgia. You can hear the whole interview in our June 18th, 2023 episode and you can learn more about the upcoming week of action to Stop Cop City at or read Matthews work at ATLPressCollective.Com

This Bad News episode has been put together by Asamblea Anarquista Valparaiso in so called Chile, Southamerica.

List of songs and music artists (in order of appearance):

  • Que viva la resistencia (popular resistance song by struggling communities in Ecuador)
  • Asesinos (by Los Crudos)
  • Poetry and music on Solidarity with zapatistas, june 8th, Mexico city (by Ceiba, poet and musician)
  • Mapuflaite (by urban mapuche anarchist Singer from Santiago, chile)
  • La carta (Violeta Parra, from Chillán, Chile)
  • Los nadie (by Eduardo Galeano and the punk band from Venezuela “Los dólares)
  • Poeta (Atahualpa Yupanqui from Argentina)
  • No azara (by La muchacha, artist from Colombia)
Slovenia: Tactics and challenges in the ongoing social uprising

Slovenia: Tactics and challenges in the ongoing social uprising

As A-Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of talking to a comrade from the Federation for Anarchist Organizing (FAO) in Slovenia and Croatia.

Amongst the topics were the ongoing social uprising in Slovenia, the dynamics and challenges of such a movement in the Covid-19 context, state repression and neonazi attacks as well as a comparison to the 2012/2013 uprising. Last but not least our comrade offers an analysis of the tactics used in the struggle and how to possibly go forward.