Bad News: Episode #78

Bad News: Episode #78

This is episode number 78 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.

  • Crna luknjaA conversation with a comrade from Patras about an international solidarity campaign to raise money to help with legal costs, as the comrades are suffering a series of lawsuits for their political and direct actions in the city, which is crippling their continued activity. The massive financial pressure on a large number of anarchists of a local movement is one of the classic tactics of the state – in addition to direct violence, it is an additional convenient tool to divert the activities of the group and individuals and to prevent them from continuing their actions. Here is a link to the campaign:
  • The Final Straw Radio – Audio update on the Stop Cop City cases and direct actions. This is only things in Atlanta, really, and not solidarity actions around the country, repression cases like the Tucson 4, the national Stop Cop City conference that happened or the 40+ cop city type constructions in danger of being built around the USA. This National Lawyers Guild video talks about this
  • Poem done by an Comrade based in Ljubljana
  • FrequenzAInterview with a comrade from the anarcha queer collective named „severas flores“ based in Bogota ( Colombia ). We talked about their perspectives on what is going on in columbian society and the work they do.
  • Kilavo semeInterview with a comrade from Trieste about the project to build a cable car linking coastal town of Trieste to the Karst edge, specifically to the town of Opicina. Since the conception of the project, many have opposed it from various points of view: landscape, nature conservation and also architectural, since the location would directly cut through private land and would drastically change both the coast and the Karst edge. Comrade from Trieste is involved in the autonomous local structures that oppose the project. You can follow what’s happening in Trieste on Telegram: 
  • FrequenzA/Crna Luknja/ lenesx radio – Interview with Lori from lenesx radio about contemporary Luddism – „destroying, salvaging and reusing technoligy“
    Correction on audio: the AI system I used by the state of Israel is called ‘The Gospel’ not „Genesis“, and it is used to create lists of buildings to target. The one that creates people kill lists is called „Lavender“

Length : 1:25:38

Bad News: Episode #41

Bad News: Episode #41

BAD News #41: Angry Voices From Around The World

Welcome to the 41st edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for December, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

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1) FQZA – A short round up about the struggle at “Dannenröder Forst” in the district called Hessen. (Germany)

2) Asamblea Anarquista Valparaiso – Commemorating 10th anniversary of rebellion and slaughter of 81 prisoners in San Miguel prison in Santiago de Chile.

3) Črna Luknja – is reporting on situation considering homeless situation in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and involvement of Self-organized antiauthoritarian initiative.

4) Radiozones of Subversive Expressions – is sharing a report from streets and squares of Athens (Greece) and approaches of political establishment towards anti-authoritarian movement and society on general.

5) Radiofragmata – reporting on the events of 6th of December in so-called Greece.

6) Free social radio 1431AM – Is contributing an update about the situation in Greek prisons during the CoViD-19 pandemic.

7) Dissident Island from London – in the soon not to be so United Kingdom brings another round-up of happenings from across the land covering animal rights, workers’ struggles, eco-activism and anti-militarism.

8) The Final Straw Radio (from southern Appalachia in the so-called US) – shares a part of a conversation with anarchist and antifascist journalist and organizes, Daryle Lamont Jenkins about the far right street demos around the 2020 US elections, the violence in Washington DC by Proud Boys on November 14th and others against Black Lives Matter Plaza, the stabbings of three anti-racists and the call to participate in a counter to another Proud Boys demo in DC on December 12th, 2020 and prospects for autonomous anti-racist organizing in coming years.

9) Anarchist Radio Berlin – An update on the ongoing struggle in Belarus. For this month we are sharing part of an interview with an anarchist from Belarus, that happened in the end of November 2020.

10) Radio Show Elephant in the Room – Interview from 9th of November on recent protest for abortion rights, following repressions and anti-repression work in Poland.

Length: 1:28 h