Casa Encantada – A Portrait of the Fight for Housing in Belo Horizonte Going Through the Pandemic

Casa Encantada – A Portrait of the Fight for Housing in Belo Horizonte Going Through the Pandemic

The following is a interview about a book project documenting 20 squats in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil as well as a connected book tour through Europe starting in April 2024. We also learn more about the different and widespread practices of squatting and direct action in Brazil as well as the effects of the Covid pandemic and the authoritarian shifts in the country and how selforganzied movements have dealt and still deal with it.

Bad News: Episode #72

Bad News: Episode #72

Welcome to the 72nd episode of Bad News – Angry voices from around the world, a monthly radio show produced by the Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Network.

In this episode, we will hear contributions from:

  • The Final Straw Radio from the so-called  USA who is sharing a portion of a transcribed and re-recorded interview with three people involved or supporting the defendants in the December 8th Case in which 7 anarchists, including a former YPG fighter who goes by Libre Flot, accused of preparing a paramilitary uprising against the French state. To hear the rest of the interview, find our October 10th episode at TheFinalStrawRadoi.NoBlogs.Org, where you can also read the transcript or print off a zine of the interview. You can keep up on the case, share your solidarity actions and make donations at https://SolidarityToDecember8.Wordpress.Com
  • FrequenzA, a podcast and radioshow project from Leipzig, which prepared an interview about the Karl Helga Wagenplatz in Leipzig, which is under the threat of ever-present forces of gentrification
  • Free Social Radio 1431 AM from Thessaloniki, who shared a collection of news from so-called Greece.

This edition of Bad News was put together by Črna Luknja, anarchist radio show on Radio Student from Ljubljana.

Enjoy and keep on raging!

Length: 28 minutes 38 seconds

Bad News: Episode #38

Bad News: Episode #38

BAD News #38: Angry Voices From Around The World

Welcome to the 38th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for September, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

Check out all the shows look for the a-radio-network collection on or at our website,


Radio Fragmata (Athens):

  • On direct actions, environmental struggles and the upcoming anniversary of the death of Pavlos Fyssas. One of his songs is featured at the end of their segment. Rest In Power Killah P!

A-Radio Berlin (Germany)

  • A conversation with comrades from the “Burning Arks” collective, discussing solidarity work around a police operation not so well known outside of Spain, called “Operation Ark”, which took place in May of 2019

Dissident Island Radio from London

  • A short roundup of union wins, animal action, eco-wars and acab ammo from a largely wet august on the steadily sinking ship that is the so called United Kingdom

Radiozones of Subversive Expression (Athens)

  • Reports about the fire that recently devastated the Moria refugee camp and the evacuation of the Rosa Nera squat


  • A short report about the ongoing struggle against gentrification in Leipzig (Germoney)

Free Social Radio 1431AM (Thessaloniki)

  • Updates about the eviction of Terra Incognita squat, the invasion of cops in Libertatia squat and comrades in hunger strike and the martyr Ebru Timtik in Turkey
Syndikat-Mobi 7.8.2020: Long jingle EN

Syndikat-Mobi 7.8.2020: Long jingle EN

The collective bar Syndikat in Berlin-Neukölln has an eviction date scheduled for 7 August 2020, an eviction backed up by the governing left R2G coalition and pushed forward by Pears Global, a real estate group from London, that manages its roughly more than 6,000 apartments in Berlin through a complex mesh of subsidiaries – and who only came into the public light in the context of Syndikat’s resistance.

We want to show our support and solidarity with this social space by means of this and other jingles.

But there are amore projects in danger of eviction in Berlin. So, get involved – as we are all foing to stay!