Bad News: Episode #40

Bad News: Episode #40

BAD News #40: Angry Voices From Around The World

Welcome to the 40th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for November, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

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1) Interview with a anarchist from Belarus on development of protests, going on repressions against anarchist movement and the possibility to support a belarusian struggle against authoritarian regime.
2) Crna Luknja’s short newsflash from Slovenia. First, a sketch of the general situation regarding corona-crisis and the revolts against authoritarian measures. Later, updates on recent stages of municipality’s growing repression against Autonomous factory Rog, the squat in the center of Ljubljana existing since 2006.
3) So-called Greece; November in lockdown: Repression, migrants situation and anarchist resistance.
4) Anarchist assembly of Valparaíso: “One year after the beggining of the revolt, the revolt continues!”
5) FQZ A: Report on the demo in solidarity with the revolt in $hile which was organized at the 18.10.2020 the anniversary of the revolt in Leipzig (Germoney).
6) Report about the demo in solidarity with the accused anarchists at the 4th of November with a short compliance about the sentences at the 5th.
7) Dissident Island newsflash from so called England
8) Malaysia: interview with Queer Cempaka Collective from Kuala Lumpur about their work and the situation over there

Length: 1:22 h

Libertärer Podcast Märzrückblick 2020

Libertärer Podcast Märzrückblick 2020

Unsere dieses Mal 60-minütige Sendung blickt auf folgende Themen aus dem Vormonat zurück:

* Berlin: Interview mit Syndikat zur Räumungsbedrohung in Corona-Zeiten
** Blog zur drohenden Räumung der Kollektivkneipe in Neukölln
* Die staatlichen Reaktionen auf die Krise
** Corona-Tagebuch auf dem Blog von CILIP
** Pad zur gesellschaftlichen Transformation in Zeiten von Corona
* Covid19-Watch: Interview mit der Initiative Coview
** Website des Projekts
* Wo herrscht Anarchie
* Kommentar: Channel zur trockenen Kehle


* Intro-Loop
* Geigerzähler (Kopfstand Trio) – No Risk No Fun
* Geigerzähler – Die Leere auf dem Coronabalkon