Bad News: Episode #72

Bad News: Episode #72

Welcome to the 72nd episode of Bad News – Angry voices from around the world, a monthly radio show produced by the Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radio Network.

In this episode, we will hear contributions from:

  • The Final Straw Radio from the so-called  USA who is sharing a portion of a transcribed and re-recorded interview with three people involved or supporting the defendants in the December 8th Case in which 7 anarchists, including a former YPG fighter who goes by Libre Flot, accused of preparing a paramilitary uprising against the French state. To hear the rest of the interview, find our October 10th episode at TheFinalStrawRadoi.NoBlogs.Org, where you can also read the transcript or print off a zine of the interview. You can keep up on the case, share your solidarity actions and make donations at https://SolidarityToDecember8.Wordpress.Com
  • FrequenzA, a podcast and radioshow project from Leipzig, which prepared an interview about the Karl Helga Wagenplatz in Leipzig, which is under the threat of ever-present forces of gentrification
  • Free Social Radio 1431 AM from Thessaloniki, who shared a collection of news from so-called Greece.

This edition of Bad News was put together by Črna Luknja, anarchist radio show on Radio Student from Ljubljana.

Enjoy and keep on raging!

Length: 28 minutes 38 seconds

Bad News: Episode #71

Bad News: Episode #71

Dear Listeners,

Welcome to the 71st Episode of Bad News! This Months Host of Bad News is the Anarchist Radio Berlin. We welcome you to the show and hope y’all could cope with the shit that’s going on all around the globe!

From some of those who raise their Angry Voice we ll present you the following :

  • Frequenz A from Leipzig did a transcripted Interview with some of the organizers of an upcoming Queer feminist Congress thats gonna be held in the end of September in Leipzig. The Stronger Together Congress will take place under the motto “feminist queer militant”. Various feminist and queer struggles should be made visible and interfaces with other autonomous, anarchist and militant struggles should be sought.


  • The Final Straw Radio conducted an interview with a radical journalist in Atlanta, Georgia about continued and increasing legal repression by the city of Atlanta and state of Georgia, including against lawyers and legal support fundraising infrastructure. These recent applications are against an anarchist inflected movement thats against police militarization, ecological destruction and government corruption.


  • Anarchist Radio Berlin shares an interview about another evicted Squat in Ljubljana. Macjak was a small anarcha-queer squat in ljubjana, slovenia. Sadly it is history now. During the last days of august we spoke with two of the squatters about macjak and the future plans of squatting in ljubljana.
  • If you want to listen to another interview with the folks from macjak, have a look at page of Frequenz (A).


Before we’ll let you be, we want to give you some small hints:

  • November 10 – 13th 2023 call to Block Cop City through a mass action. It is useless to wait. With our future on the line and the whole world watching, we’ll take a stand to bend the course of history. If the city government does not halt construction in order to listen to the people, then we will simply have to do it ourselves – a People’s Stop Work Order. Check: blockcopcity.org
  • Come and join the tinta negra tattoo convention 13 -15 th of Oktober in Berlin, check: tintanegraconvention.noblogs.org for more Infos! We look forward to see you in October for three full days of tattoos, discussions, workshops and music for solidarity and anarchy!


Total length of the show: 47:20