Bad News: Episode #53

Bad News: Episode #53

Bad News #53: Angry Voices From Around The World

Welcome to the 53rd edition of B(A)D News: Angry Voices From Around The World, for February 2022. A commonly produced monthly show of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio network, this time edited by Anarchist Radio Berlin.

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In this Episode we will hear contributions from:

1) Črna Luknja radio show collective on Radio Študent in Ljubljana, Slovenija prepared a piece out of a full interview they did with an anti-racist activist in Brazil.

2) Frequenz A from Leipzig on the repression against a group of 14 year old anarchists in Sibiria who threatened to blow up a virtual FSB Building in a virtual game.

3) Free Social Radio 1431AM, Thessaloniki gives us an update about the recent threats from the anti-terror police against an anarchist action group in Thessaloniki.

4) Anarchist Radio Berlin translated an interview with a person involved in the struggle for legal abortion in Poland after the death of a pregnant person whose acces to abortion was denied.

Length 38:30

Warsaw: The attack on the queer-feminist Syrena squat in the end of 2021

Warsaw: The attack on the queer-feminist Syrena squat in the end of 2021

At the 5th of December 2021, the queer-feminist squat Syrena in Warschau was brutally attacked and evicted by a crowd connected to the neighbour squat, as a revenge for anti-patriarchal actions that were taken before. We spoke with two comrades from Syrena collective about what happened: The recent history of queer militancy against uprising homophobia and transphobia in Poland, the background of the conflict and the attack of the 5th, the material and political consequencenes of the incident, and how to support feminist and anti-centralist struggle within polish and global anarchist movement.

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