Bad News: Episode #39

BAD News #39: Angry Voices From Around The World

Welcome to the 39th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for October, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

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Radiozones of Subversive Expression (Athens)

  • On the topics of school squats, Omada Laikon Agoniston, Pagrati Filolaou, SVEOD and the responses of Greek courts to the charges against the neo-nazi Golden Dawn Party

Radio Fragmata (Athens):

  • News and struggles from around the city and country

A-Radio Berlin (Germany)

  • Audio about the eviction of the anarcha-queer-feminist house project Liebig34 in Berlin

Dissident Island Radio from London

  • News from the Capital of Capitol, London, UK from the last month