The Final Straw Radio on the current political situation in the USA

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the opportunity to talk to Bursts and William from The Final Straw Radio, co-members of the Channel Zero Podcast Network.

During the 90 minutes of talk, we are taking some deeper dives into the 2020 US elections and other US political topics like Trumpism and conspiracy myths like QAnon. But also current everyday as well as political life under the ongoing pandemic. And the increase in grassroots mutual aid organizing across the so-called United States of America. Paired with a general look back on 4 years of Trump and all the forms of resistance against it as well as an outlook on what is to come.

Unfortunately, towards the end some of the audio got lost, so at some point only Bursts is giving answers. Despite that, this interview might be right for anyone who feels like their understanding of what’s been going in the US has declined over the last years.

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