[A-Radio auf Englisch] Jake Conroy: from activist to terrorist (presentation and interview)

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we documented a presentation by Jake Conroy: “From activist to terrorist”. He is an activist for animal liberation from the US, who participated in a campaign to close an animal testing laboratory and was prosecuted and sentenced as a terrorist. In this presentation he speaks of those events and his experiences. The presentation was organized by the Berlin Animal Liberation Action (Berliner Tierbefreiungsaktion).

Length: 59:10 min

Apart from that we also made an interview with him that is mostly centered on the US judicial system and his experiences with it.

Length: 11:20 min


We have two versions of the presentation so far, one with a short English introduction, one with a short German introduction. The presentation itself is always in English.

Here’s the version with an introduction in English at: archive.org (mp3 | ogg).

Here you can listen to it directly:

Hier ist die Version mit einer Anmoderation auf Deutsch unter: archive.org (mp3 | ogg).

Hier könnt ihr das Audio direkt anhören:

Here’s the interview in English at: archive.org (wav | mp3 | ogg).

Here you can listen to it directly:

Das Interview auf Deutsch findet ihr im aktuellen Novemberrückblick 2014 des Libertären Podcast.

Additional links:

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